Frommer's Road Trip Guides


  • Frommer's Road Trip Guides are travel guides designed to make road trips easy, fulfilling and memorable. The guides include detailed itineraries, places of interest to visit, recommended locations to stay and eat, and all manner of useful road trip information, saving you time on travel planning while providing the best road trip experience. Crafted by one of the road trip experts, the guides are designed to provide the best thematic travel experience.

    Guides do not include in-person travel guidance.

  • Frommer’s Editorial partnered with Road.Travel and Visit California and created a catalog with unique Road Trip Guides for self-guided road trips. Explore travel guides in California and travel any time you want, following the routes recommended by Frommer’s and Visit California.

  • You are free to select any dates you like. With some travel guides, the trip has seasonal limitations. Take this into consideration when planning your next road trip.

  • There are 5 Road Trip Guides created by Frommer's authors, each offering a different and unique road trip in California. Whether you are looking to spend time outside the city, to explore nature, or visit specific attractions, whether travelling solo or with family, there is a road trip guide designed for you.

    Additionally, there are road trip guides curated by Visit California that you can explore on website.

    Lastly, in our Road.Travel library, we have a collection of more than 2,000 road trips worldwide for you to choose from.

    We are constantly adding more guides to our library, to cover as many travel destinations as possible. If you have a specific destination in mind, feel free to reach out to us via the contact form.

Road Trip Guides

  • Frommer's Road Trip Guides contain a detailed itinerary for each day of your road trip: landmarks, museums, natural sights, places to stay overnight – complemented by the author’s personal story and all the practical information required for a self-guided trip. Frommer's Road Trip Guides are built to save time planning your journey, so that each day on the trip is the ultimate road trip experience. Click “Start Driving” and enjoy the ride!

  • On the page of any Frommer's Road Trip Guide, click the “Start Driving” button in the top-right corner of the travel guide to launch driving mode. If you are on desktop, scan the QR code to get the travel guide on your mobile device. When driving mode is launched on your mobile device, each place in the travel guide will have a “Send to Navigation” button. Click it and choose your preferred navigation app on your smartphone.

  • Frommer's Road Trip Guides are created by a hand-selected road trip expert who knows the area well, has deep experience of planning road trips, and who is trusted by Frommer’s.

  • Each location in every travel guide is verified regularly. Please note that we cannot guarantee every detail – something might change at the time of your travel due to unforeseen circumstances.

  • You can choose to navigate to any location you would like to visit; however, places in the Frommer's Road Trip Guides are planned to be visited in the recommended order to optimize your travel route. We have checked parking availability and taken into consideration the approximate driving time from one place to another.

  • Each hotel in the Frommer's Road Trip Guides has a link to or the official hotel website, where you can request availability and prices.

  • Each location recommended in the Frommer's Road Trip Guides that might require booking in advance contains official contact details inside the travel guide, including phone number, website, and working hours.

Creating own Road Trip Guide

  • You can create your own road trip guide in your profile

    Go to My Routes tab. Click on “Create Your Route”

    Choose the city you want to start your road trip in. Choose the duration of your road trip.

    You can attach a photo for your trip and add the name and description.

    Press "Add New Event" and choose a location which you would like to add.

    You can add as many locations to your road trip as you want. After you are done, click “Finish Editing” in the top right corner.

    The route is saved. If you want to continue editing, press “Edit Itinerary” in the top right corner.

    You can find all your road trip guides in your profile.